Saturday, January 9, 2010

I love my iPhone!

I am such a dork and a gadget geek! I had been wanting an iPhone forever! But, I couldn't rationalize the expense of the phone itself. They are expensive! However, it was time for me to renew my contract with my carrier and I was going to have to change my location (finally) from Arkansas to Arizona. I was looking at my account online and took a look at the upgrade options for an iPhone! WooHoo! I was able to get a refurbished one for $50.00! It really is a business expense as I will start working for a new client later this month that requires that I have a way to contact them if my computer crashes (preferably by email). So....I bit the bullet and got one!

I love my iPhone! I am having a ball looking at all of the free apps for it. I found one that is a bill minder - it keeps me up to date on when my bills are due. I found one that is an hour tracker. I got one for FaceBook, PayPal, and The Weather Channel. There an app for health records, a to do list, and a spanish tutor. I downloaded a couple of games and those kept my granddaughter occupied while we waited for her to get a shot on Thursday. I purchased one that is a grocery list.

The only problem I have had so far is that I couldn't download iTunes 9 to my work computer. The company I will be working for doesn't allow it as it doesn't play well with their system. But, I was able to talk to a very nice young man at Apple support and found out I could google for sites to download an earlier version. Since I did that, I am good to go! Now my calendar will stay synced and I will be able to keep track of when I work and where!

What's your favorite iPhone app?

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