Friday, December 26, 2008

Too much paperwork to store? - Digitize!

Do you have lots of papers, records from past years that you can't discard yet for IRS purposes? If you are like most people, the answer is "yes". You have boxes and boxes of past years returns, receipts, business records etc. that you don't dare destroy just in case you may need them for the IRS. The answer is simple - digitize your records.

The IRS will accept PDF records. This reduces the amount of physical storage that you need for your records. Your paperwork will not fade or deteriorate over time. They will be a permanent and lasting record that is acceptable to the IRS.

SD Virtual Assistant can scan important papers into a PDF format and save them on a CD or, if your prefer, a thumb drive, or I can zip them into a compressed file and email it to you for you to save unto the media of your choice.

For prior year Federal and State income tax returns - $10.00 per year.
For monthly receipts (which may include meal receipts, gas receipts, purchase receipts from stores, travel expenses such as airline etickets, hotel receipts, etc.) - $12.50 per month
For business cards - $12.50 per 25 cards. (These can also be sent to you in an Excel spreadsheet.)

SD Virtual Assistant is ready to help you with your clerical and bookkeeping needs. Give me a call at 501-205-4083 to discuss how I can be of service to you.

Christie Pegoda
SD Virtual Assistant
phone 501-205-4083
fax 888-243-0865

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